Motion Drives for all Advertising Displays at the P.O.S.

Turntables, Revolving Platforms, Sign Rotators for presentations and trade shows, mains and battery powered display motors, electric motors, gear motors for displays and industrial applications.

Important Remark:

Bending forces like wind power outdoor, public access, excentric installations, etc., can be multiple of the indicated load capacity of the motor drive (or turntable). Please contact us for a complimentary advice in finding a secure and reliable solution.

Battery Operated Turntables

Here you will find units which may be operated eigther by battery or through adaptor.

These turntables are especially designed for limited and flexible operation and for independent positioning. Due to the solid construction of this turntable you can present your products effective and at low costs.

These turntables can be used for shop windows, trade shows, counters and a lot of other places.

Mains Operated Turntables

Here you will find mains operated turntables which are designed for long time operation and high performance.

They may be used as standing, hanging or wall mounted versions. For applications that require a rotating power supply the turntable may be equipped with slip ring. Strong ball bearings and a safety clutch in all our turntables guarantee a reliable and safe operation.

For hanging operation there are special safety kits available.

These turntables are for shop windows, shop fitters, trade shows and other Locations for product presentation. They are suitable even for heavy loads up to 1,000 kg.

NEW: Heavy Duty Turntables

We present a new product range of heavy duty turntables for inside and outside use, even under adverse conditions as ice, snow and water. The drives are designed for axial loads of 1 up to 14 tons, with up to 6 tons radial and 7,5 tons tilting momentum.

These rotating drives can be equipped with various customer specific options such as electric terminal box, emergency-off switch, turning direction control, rotation speed control, wind sensors, collecting ring and many more.

In cooperation with our German partner company, static calculations for wind forces and mounting platforms can be supplied along. On request, field installation by a professional mounting team can be offered as well.

Due to the particularly compact design of the rotation drive, a silent performance and extremely low maintenance profile can be provided. In addition to that the very high tilting momentum of these rotating drives and turntables allows a wide variety of application tasks. You will find them applied on roof tops, high rise buildings as advertising drive or as theater-stage or automobile rotators, as exposition turntables and in many other functions.