Electronic promotional material for displays at the P.O.S

LED Flasher, LED Controller, LED Flashing Modules, LED Strips, LED Bars, LED Harness, Microcontroller for blinking units and Sound / Voice Boxes.

Important Remark:

All information includes tolerances and may include technical or typographical errors.

  • More Technical Details

    1. Applications:
    Sound modules are especially applied for greeting cards, christmas cards, music envelopes, promotion gifts, childrens books, magazines, POS cardboard displays and more.

    2. Functions:

    • Pre-recorded Sound Modules – Customer spezific or standard sound files as WAV or mp3 format. Sound can be from 1 to 480 seconds.
    • Self-recordable Sound Modules – Customer can record, erase or re-record any sound by himself. Recording time: 6, 20, 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 seconds.
    • USB MP3 Module – Sounds can be downloaded directly from PC via USB connection.


    3. Waterproof Sound Modules:
    For Special applications like outdoor cloths etc.

    4. Sound quality:
    Clear sound in different volume levels (16 kHz Sampling-Rate)

    5. Activation Options:

    • Pull-out stripe – after removing the pull-out stripe sound starts playing.
    • Slight tongue switch – when open the card, message or music will be played automatically.
    • Push button.
    • Light sensor – activation when light intensity changes.
    • Vibration / shock sensor – moving or shaking the sound object sound will be activated.
    • Motion sensor – when People pass the advertising display sound begins to start.
    • Infrared-Sensor (PIR) – when people are approaching the POS display the sound starts playing.


    6. Loudspeaker:
    Different Diameters, 29mm, 36mm, 40mm, 57mm, plastic or metal design.

    7. Battery types:
    AA, AAA, AG13, AG10, AG3, CR 2032